ITS Alerts

Effective Date Announcement Posting Date
01/13/2023 Desktop shortcuts disappearing (Resolved) 1/13/2023 9:04:14 AM
1/13/23 6:50pm: Microsoft released a definition file to their Defender antivirus product. The updated definition caused Defender to incorrectly identify shortcuts in the Start Menu, on the Desktop and in the Taskbar as malware on about 100 devices. These shortcut files were deleted, but not the programs or actual files that the shortcuts pointed to. Microsoft discovered the problem early on Friday and prevented further deployment of the definition file. ITS developed and ran a script that restored the mainstream shortcuts, including Office, Webex, Firefox, Chrome and Edge. However, it was not possible to automatically restore any unique shortcuts that pointed to specialized software or files. Affected users will need to recreate their shortcuts if they are not displaying correctly. If assistance is needed, please contact the Service Desk by opening a ticket at

1/13/23 9:00am: It appears multiple computers are losing desktop shortcuts and applications. ITS has tracked this down to faulty rules being pushed by Microsoft to the Defender (antivirus) application. The antivirus application is quarantining and blocking applications. We have adjusted the rules to prevent further issues. At this time, we are working on restoring any blocked or removed applications.

12/28/2022 SSL Certificate Installation 12/28/2022 1:23:44 PM
Today starting at 3pm EST, ITS will be upgrading the SSL certificate on multiple web servers. This certificate keeps communication safe on our servers. During this four hour maintenance window, servers may give a certificate mismatch error when attempting to access them. If any errors occur, staff and students may use direct URLs for the following services: Brightspace LMS: Workday: Email: These direct services will not be affected.

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