About SUNY Alert

What is SUNY Alert?
SUNY Alert is an emergency messaging service offered through the State Emergency Management Office (SEMO) and the State University of New York (SUNY). The system will allow Erie Community College to communicate on matters of CRITICAL EMERGENCIES with all members of the college community.
What can the system do?
SUNY Alert can provide critical emergency-related information including instructions and recommended protective actions, developed in real-time by emergency service personnel. The information will be disseminated through various communications systems such as e-mail, cell phones, SMS (text), and fax machines.
What type of situations will trigger use of the system?
The system will only be used for issues involving a concern for life-safety, such as severe weather warnings, hazardous materials spills, ongoing violent incidents, and other dangerous emergency conditions. The system will NOT be used as a general announcement system or to provide "news."
How to I enroll?
All faculty and staff are automatically enrolled with only their ECC email address. Students are automatically enrolled on the first day of classes with only their ECC email address. At any time, you may log in and add additional communication methods such as a personal email address, voice and text telephone numbers.
What happens if I don't answer the phone when an emergency notification is sent out?
If you have voice mail, the message will be left in your voice mail box. If you do not have voice mail, the system will redial each number up to three times before moving on to the next number.
Will it cost me anything to participate in SUNY Alert?
No. SUNY Alert is being provided as a FREE service to campuses so there is no enrollment fee. However, if you provide a cell/text number, your standard messaging rates will apply by your service provider plan.

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